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Related article: Date: Tue, 01 Nov 2005 13:20:53 -0700 From: Xavier Subject: Afraid of ThunderAfraid of Thunder by Xavier LThis is a fictional story containing sex between a father and his minor son. If you have a hard time separating fantasy from reality, or if this theme turns you off, you shouldn't continue reading.If you are interested in my other stories, you can find them listed in the Authors section under XavierL (toward the bottom of the list).Please feel free to email me with comments or if you'd like to be notified when there are new stories or updates to existing ones at My bitch wife left me and my son, Nathan, now 10, 2 years ago. She started having an affair and then just up and left, and that was the last time any of us heard from her. Nate's always been a really good kid, and he's finally at a point where he's dealing well with his mother's absence. Besides some continued bitterness, the only issue I still have is not getting laid. So with Nate in bed asleep, here I sit at my computer watching porn. My latest JO session is watching some blonde chick with huge tits being plowed from the rear. At first I thought they were just doing it doggie style, but then I realize she was taking it up the ass!! It was so hot! I blew a load in no time.A storm had rolled in, and so I decided to go to my room and read before falling asleep. I Preteen Model Pics went to my room, stripped out of my clothes, did the normal bedtime routine and climbed into my bed. I read for a while and then turned out the light and started to drift off to sleep when a huge thunderclap startled me awake. It shook the whole house. I turned over and started to fall asleep when I heard my door open and a soft voice saying "Daddy?" Right on time. Ever since he was a toddler, thunder has always scared Nathan. He usually weathers it out well--no pun intended, but this was so loud I knew he'd be coming in."Daddy?" the tiny voice sounded once more, this time coming from near my bed."It's OK, Nate.""Can I sleep with you?" When his request was met with silence, he added "Please? Pretty please?" How can you resist that?"Alright, climb on in," I answered in resignation. A lightning flash lit up the room, and I could see he was wearing nothing but his briefs on. As usual I wore nothing to bed. It was OK. Nathan and I weren't shy around each other. I raised him that way purposely, not wanting him to have problems in locker rooms when he got older and played sports. I lifted up the blanket and helped him up as he climbed over my nude body. He settled in next to me, a thin leg draping across my lap as he snuggled into me. I embraced him and let my fingers run up and down his bare back. His soft skin reminded me so much of his mother's. His small fingers began playing with my chest hair, and I noticed my cock was beginning to respond. Not wanting Nate to feel my cock getting all hard, I announced it was time for him to roll over and go to sleep.Nathan gave me a kiss and then rolled onto his side. Another thunderclap found him pressing up against me. My dick hadn't fully risen, so I moved into a spooning position and put my arm around his small chest. Soon after I heard his breathing change and could hear a faint snore. I ran my hand up and down his smooth chest and stomach. Again the sensation his skin began to awaken something in me. Then the scent of his hair caught my attention; the warmth of his body pressed against mine. My cock was throbbing as it quickly grew. It was now firmly pressing up against my son's small ass. I moved my hand to readjust myself and found it following the outline of Nathan's buns through his underwear. As I rubbed the cotton, my mind's eye recalled the porno from earlier. I imagined how tight a virgin ass must feel which made me even harder. And hungrier.Quit that! I reproached myself. I moved my hand away, but only temporarily. When it returned, this time it slid beneath the elastic band of his underwear. First sliding down his flat tummy, my fingers gently fondling his small dick and hairless balls. Then my hand slid up over his hip until it was covering the soft mound of his ass. My confused and tortured mind wrestled with the conflagrant notions of my deep longing and my love for my son. I would never do anything to hurt him! But I felt an equal desperation burning inside of me as well. Acting on its own behalf, my cock twitched, and I made my decision.I rolled over and grabbed the bottle of lube I kept in the nightstand. I poured out a larger amount than I normally would and spread it over my rod. I then carefully slid the cotton briefs down Nate's firm thighs, the silky skin underneath feeding the flames of my desire. Once they were done, I let my fingers glide up to his bare crotch where I gently examined his jewels again. I moved in more closely, my slick cock pressed against his ass cheeks. I needed no more motivation. I prepared myself, put my cock at the entrance to his hole and then began entering him. As soon as the head of my dick began opening his hole, he was awake with a start. "Shhhh. It's OK." I said soothingly."Daddy?! What are you doing?!" he asked, his voice ringing with fear.I tightened my grip on his body as he began to move away and pushed a little more of my meat into his resistant hole. "I'm loving you son.""It hurts!""Shhhh. Just try to relax," I said again introducing more of my cock into his impossibly tight hole. He squirmed more, his ass muscles clamping down even harder. "Relax son, it's OK." I forced some more of my cock into his hole. "Daddy loves you so much he wants to be inside of you, son." He relaxed more at this. "Just like Daddy used to be inside of Mommy," I continued, straining to insert more of my rod. "Only you're so much better than Mommy!"He was quiet for a moment and Preteen Model Pics then broke the silence: "I am?"I managed to get deeper inside him. "Oh yes! So much better than Mommy!" With more than half of my cock firmly lodged in my son's cherry ass, I added: "I love you so much more than her, and when you love someone that much you want to be part of them." I watched his hand grip the pillow beneath his head as he tried to be brave. I took his hand into mine. "You can squeeze my hand if it helps. As hard as you want." Immediately I felt his tiny grip tighten. I was almost all the way in now. "You make Daddy feel so good!! Mommy never felt as good as you do, my special little man." With one more push, my cock sank the rest of the way into my son. "You OK son?""It hurts.""But are you OK Sweetie?""Yes, Daddy.""That's my boy," I said as I began to kiss his cheek, his neck and his smooth shoulder. "My very special boy," I added, my fingers playing with his tiny nipples. "Daddy loves you VERY much," I said, my fingers now tracing down his stomach toward his groin. "This is a very special kind of loving right now." His dick was hard, and I began massaging his balls and then gently stroking his cock. "That feels good, doesn't it?""Yesss, Yes, Daddy," he answered, his body shivering with the new sensations."Do you love me?" I asked, kissing his face lightly. I wet my fingers in my mouth and returned them to his small cock."Yes Daddy!" he almost spat out, my wet fingers rubbing against the head of his cock.Even though my cock was buried inside him, I felt I wanted permission to proceed. "Can Daddy make love to you?" I asked my hips moving minimally back and forth, sliding my cock in Nathan's hole.I felt his head nodding against me. Elated I began sliding my cock back and forth in longer movements. My hand intermittently explored his body and worked his dick and nuts. With his ass muscles more relaxed, I rolled him onto his stomach. It wasn't the best angle, so I decided to put a pillow underneath his hips. I pulled out just enough to enable him to lift his body for the pillow and then fed my cock to his hole again. When my shaft was once again buried in his ass, I heard him moan. "You are SO much better than Mommy!" I offered. And then I began humping my son. Because he was so tight, it took only a few deep thrusts before my cock was spewing its load inside of him.When my cock was done, I didn't want to pull out. I rolled us onto our sides and allow my dick to go limp in my son's hole. "I love you so much Nathan. That felt so good!" I rewet my fingers and returned them to his small prick. I began rapidly stroking him. He moaned softly as my fingers worked his cock. I jacked him off until his body shook, and I knew he had came. There was a tiny amount of liquid at the tip of his cock, but it mostly a dry cum. Not old enough, I thought to myself.Reluctantly, I slid my soft dick the rest of the way out of his hole and guided him onto his back. "I'm going to teach you a special kiss. Open your mouth." He did as I instructed, and I covered his mouth with mine and explored the warm cavity with my tongue. Soon he was mimicking me. I rubbed his nipples as we kissed some more. Then I sat up in bed, and pulled his underwear all the way off, tossing them by the door. I lay down next to him and said: "Lay on top of me Nate."Nathan climbed on top of my body, his head resting on my chest, our bare bodies pressed together. My hands gently rubbed up and down his naked backside. I whispered Preteen Model Pics to him: "My precious boy." We fell asleep in that position.In the morning I woke up, and he was sleeping on his stomach. I was, of course, hard again. I pushed the covers from our bodies and took in the beautiful sight of my naked son. Last night's moments made me see him in a new light. Again I explored his soft, tight body. He stirred and looked up at me, smiling."Good morning Sunshine," I greeted him.He broke out in an angelic grin as he replied "Mornin'." He turned over exposing morning wood as well. I smiled and gently teased it with my fingers."Remember how Daddy loved you last night?"He nodded his head."There's a special way you can love me too.""How?" he asked."It would make Daddy feel REALLY good like last night.""OK."I lay on my back, took his hand and placed it on my cock. He started stroking it. "Is this how Daddy?""That does feel good, but there's another way too."He looked confused."You put it in your mouth.""Really?""Oh yes!""Did Mommy do that to you?" he asked.I wondered how exactly to answer that. "Yes, but she wasn't very good at it."I could see him working it out in his mind. He seemed to feel it was a challenge, and so he leaned down and opened his mouth over my cock. As I felt his lips close, I told him to be careful to not touch it with his teeth. I could feel his tongue pushing against my cock."Move up and down with your head son," I guided him.As he complied, I was flooded with indescribable sensations. "Try to put as much of it in your mouth as you can."He worked at it until he was able to get most of my cock into his mouth and throat. I had a hand on the back of his head helping him gently. "Oh you're so much better than Mommy," I praised him. This made him even more eager. "Suck on my nuts Nate."He slid my cock out of his mouth, and then I felt his lips working my balls. I spread my legs as he continued servicing me. Then I guided his head back to my cock and bobbed it up and down. I put one of his hands on my nuts and used it to gently rub them. He took over and began sucking even more earnestly. "Oh yes Nate!" I encouraged him. He was bringing me close. "Something is about to . . . unh. . . come out of my dick son. Swallow it. It isn't pee." I gripped his head more firmly and started thrusting with my hips. When I knew Preteen Model Pics I would cum, I held his head and pushed my cock deeper into his throat as I exploded. He was gagging and trying to lift his head. "Swallow son, just swallow." He felt his throat muscles moving as he swallowed my load. "Oh gawd yes Nate!!"When my cock was done emptying its load into my son's throat, I released my grip. As he lifted his head, his brown hair a mess from sleeping and my hand, I looked deeply into his green eyes. "You did SUCH a good job son!!! Mommy never swallowed for Daddy, and it makes it feel so much better!"He beamed as he asked, "What was that stuff?""It's called cum.""Cum? Do I have any?""I think you have a tiny bit, but as you get older you'll get more and more." I pulled him upward. He climbed over me and lay once again on top of me. I began kissing him with our `special' kiss. I looked at the clock, and if we didn't hurry, he'd be late for school. "Time to get cleaned up!"He made a face, climbed off of me and headed to the door."Where are you going?"He appeared confused. "To my bathroom.""You can shower with me," I said.He grinned and ran to my bathroom. I heard the toilet seat bang as he lifted it and then heard his stream hitting the water. I joined him, our streams crossing Preteen Model Pics as they entered the porcelain. When we were done, I got the water adjusted and then ushered him inside the shower. I soaped him up, and we splashed each other. We joked and laughed as we toweled off, and then I sent him to his room to get dressed. As we ate breakfast, I decided I better address something. "Nate, what happened last night and this morning, that has to stay between you and me, OK?""OK.""It's VERY important! Some people don't understand our special love, and they would make a lot of trouble for Daddy. You can't say anything to ANYONE. And we only do our special kiss in private, OK?""OK Daddy. I won't say anything.""That's my boy," I said, tousling his hair.I dropped him off at school and headed to work. It was a LONG day. All I could think of was the feeling of my naked son's body against mine, how good his tight ass felt, my cum sliding down his throat. I had to interrupt my thoughts often so I wouldn't get a tale-telling hard-on.I picked him up from school, and he told me about his day as we drove home. When we got in the house, he dropped his stuff by the couch. I sat down, spread my legs a little and pulled him over. "I sure missed you today!! I couldn't stop thinking about you!" I said."Really?" he asked excitedly."Uh huh," I pulled him down to me and began kissing him, our tongues intertwining. My hand went to his crotch and began rubbing it as we kissed. I undid his belt and then unfastened the button to his jeans. I tugged them down exposing his tented briefs. I was really hot now, and so I yanked his underwear done and helped him out of them. "I think you need some special loving," I said, and then I placed my hands on the small mounds of his ass and leaned forward, taking his cock into my mouth. His hands grabbed onto my head for balance as I began working his dick.I released his cock, held him to me and stood up, lifting him. I carried him to the bedroom and laid him on his back. I returned his cock to my mouth while I undid my pants, lowered my underwear down frantically, and kicked Preteen Model Pics them off of my legs. As I sucked him, I wet my middle finger and inserted it in his ass. I slowly fingerfucked him for a while. I stopped sucking his dick and quickly lubed my cock, raised his legs, pulled him closer to me, and then began the arduous process of getting my dick into his tight hole. I pulled him closer against me so that I could get more of my aching flesh into his ass.Once I was all the way in, I began fucking him hard. Every so often I would lean down and kiss him passionately while I stroked his cock. When he had his orgasm, his ass began clamping down on my cock. I pounded his ass until it was my turn to cum, and I nearly collapsed as my orgasm was unleashed. While my cock continued emptying inside of my son, we kissed some more. I whispered into his ear: "I've been waiting to do this all day!" Watch for part 2
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